Our Story

Inspired by Ashley's healthy hair grow journey, Amistic hair care for protective styles was created in 2016 by Ashley Johnson and her companion, Michael Droney. Ashley's love for versatility and protective styles came at a very young age. As a teen Ashley enjoyed trying new looks, switching up weave and braid styles as often as twice a month. After years of improper care of her natural hair which resulted in hair loss, chemical damage and balding edges, Ashley became limited to those very styles she loved. Ashley hair challenges took a jab at her confidence and left her feeling ashamed.

In 2015 Ashley went on a relentless pursuit to find solutions to her hair problems without having to seek any medical treatment. Ashley's journey included: intensive research, transitioning to natural, creating her own hair growth concoctions right in her home, staying consistent with her regimen and investing in a custom wig to wear throughout the duration of her journey. Before Ashley knew it, her natural hair was thriving, her edges were growing and Ashley regained her confidence back.

Ashley shared her healthy hair growth journey with her followers on social media posting daily tips, advice and videos with the intent to educate women on how to take proper care of their natural hair while protective styling. People were intrigued with Ashley's journey and wanted to know how they can get their hands on what she was using. Instantly the light bulb clicked and Amistic hair care for protective styles surfaced. With daily support, encouragement and assistance from Michael, who witnessed Ashley's journey up close and personal. The two took a leap of faith and have no plans on looking back.

At Amisitc, our mission is to educate, emphasize and influence women on how to take proper care of their natural hair under protective styles. We aim to rebuild the confidence in women who suffer from everyday hair challenges. We care about what goes in our customers hair which is why we're committed to producing products that are: SULFATE-FREE, SILICONE-FREE, PARABEN-FREE, MINERAL OIL-FREE, SYNTHETIC COLORING-FREE, DRYING ALCOHOL-FREE, COLOR SAFE and HAIR EXTENSION SAFE.